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Gateway Activity
Time (CET) Mode Callsign Target Src Dur(s) Loss BER
 01:15:49 Jan 17 D-Star KN4VRC/M  CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet   RX D-Star
 01:15:24 Jan 17 D-Star GI0BFO/ 705 CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet22.70%0.0%
 01:13:26 Jan 17 D-Star W1RAC/ID31 CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet0.30%0.0%
 01:12:17 Jan 17 D-Star KN6ISS CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet6.80%0.0%
 01:11:12 Jan 17 D-Star G7DMD/D74  CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet0.80%0.0%
 01:07:30 Jan 17 D-Star OE3HPT/ID51 CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet217.30%0.0%
 01:04:29 Jan 17 D-Star VA3EFX/PHIL CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet176.10%0.1%
 01:01:13 Jan 17 D-Star K6UV/9100 CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet0.30%0.0%
 00:56:57 Jan 17 D-Star 2W0WTX/D74E CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet0.50%0.0%
 00:54:26 Jan 17 D-Star KB5UJM/ROB  CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet3.632%0.0%
 00:53:25 Jan 17 D-Star LU1BJW CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet1.40%0.0%
 00:52:54 Jan 17 D-Star HL5BBD/5100 CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet28.80%0.0%
 00:28:52 Jan 17 D-Star ON3ASZ/DVSW CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet0.70%0.0%
 00:28:33 Jan 17 D-Star VK4KU/RAY  CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet0.80%0.0%
 00:12:10 Jan 17 D-Star N8IK/9700 CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet1.10%0.2%
 00:01:23 Jan 17 D-Star KB4IUD CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet8.20%0.0%
 00:00:43 Jan 17 D-Star M7ATE/COL  CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet1.573%0.0%
 23:57:40 Jan 16 D-Star 2E0EVM/EDD  CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet1.70%0.0%
 23:53:54 Jan 16 D-Star W5LP CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet0.40%0.0%
 23:53:30 Jan 16 D-Star KN4UNO/I705 CQCQCQ via REF001 CNet1.10%0.0%

Local Activity
Time (CET) Mode Callsign Target Src Dur(s)

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Hardware Info
Uptime: up 1 week, 5 days, 15 hours, 14 minutes
CPU Load CPU Temp
amare 5.4.79-v7+ Pi 3 Model B (1GB) - Embest, CH 20% 48% 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.1 48°C / 118°F

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